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SMT chip processing

SMT's English is "surface mount technology", which is translated into Chinese as "surface mount technology". Compared with the traditional tht (through hole technology) "through hole plug-in technology", the carriers for implementing SMT or tht are all circuit boards. "Surface" refers to the pad that can be used for printing solder paste on PCB, "through hole" refers to the plated through hole on PCB. SMT patch is a more efficient and advanced electronic welding technology than tht plug-in.

The processing flow chart of SMT chip is as follows:

We can see that SMT processing is much simpler than PCB production process and equipment configuration. The simple understanding is to print out solder paste and check the printing status of solder paste, paste small electronic components with high-speed machine, paste large electronic components with multi-functional machine, AOI test the status of chip (the industry is often called "furnace front detection", "furnace" reflow soldering furnace), after reflow soldering solidification, AOI furnace rear detection, and finally visual inspection.

Yuqin electronic SMT chip processing plant is equipped with advanced equipment, such as Dyson's automatic solder paste printing machine, Samsung or Panasonic's high-speed and multi-functional chip mounter, 50% of the employees have more than five years of SMT processing experience and precise testing instruments, such as the SPI (solder paste tester), Fai (first article tester), quasi stable AOI and Japan Shimadzu's X-ray, etc. The daily production capacity of four SMTS can reach 3 million points, which can fully meet the production and quality requirements of general customers in terms of equipment, instruments and production capacity.

SMT chip processing seems simple, but we dare not slack in quality control. Eugene electronic mainly ensures the quality of SMT chip processing from the following aspects:

1. Using the famous solder paste of Qianzhu or Letai, printing with automatic solder paste printing machine and testing with solder paste detector to ensure that 80% of the conventional quality problems in SMT processing are effectively controlled in this link.

2. The first article shall be inspected with a more advanced first article detector and a first article inspection report shall be issued.

3. AOI automatic optical detector detects the pasted components in front of the furnace and behind the furnace to ensure that the large and small components are not missed, wrongly pasted, deviated or reversed.

4. For the PCB board of BGA, X-ray is used for sampling inspection or full inspection according to the customer's requirements after mounting.

Some customers like to compare the SMT chip prices of different SMT chip processing plants. We don't think this has much practical significance. The biggest advantage of SMT machine is to do a lot of repeated placement, while the labor cost of SMT SMT factory in Shenzhen is increasing. If the processing quantity of a PCB chip is large enough, you can run continuously for a week on the machine. Here, I will tell you that the price of a single point of the chip is as low as 0.8 yuan, and the factory can also make profits. For some small-scale production, if the price is based on the number of patch points, even if the factory offers a price of 5 points, the factory may still lose money, because the time of machine patch is too short, and the labor cost of preparing for commissioning is too high. This is also one of the reasons why Youqin electronics prefers to do SMT processing orders for OEM materials. We are willing to provide customers with a full range of valuable services.



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